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* URDA-EEG: Decision to Support Emotiv Headset

| March 14th, 2011 | No Comments »

We have officially made the decision to provide support for the Emotiv EEG headset in our data cleaning and data mining algorithms.  This support will be available in our next URDA-EEG Data Cleaning and Data Mining software release (version alpha 0.5).


This was a difficult decision to make because the Emotiv headset presents us with a few challenges.  Our first challenge relates to the unique noise characteristics of the Emotive headset. Since the Emotive headset uses a ‘gel-free’ contact system, the noise characteristics differ from standard equipment and will thus have to be treated accordingly. The second challenge is that the Emotive systems has fewer electrodes as compared to standard EEG systems.  Standard systems typically employ 32 or more channels; this provides for up to 32 degrees of freedom for multivariate noise removal algorithms.  Since fewer channels are available on the Emotive headset, there are fewer degrees of freedom available for our multivariate noise removal methods.  We are creating new methods of noise removal to meet this challenge.

The New Software Release:

In providing support for the Emotiv system, our next software release will have two additional input parameters.  First, the user will be required to specify the type of hardware used to acquire the data.  Second, for cases of especially noisy data, the user has an option to stabilize statistics of new data to be cleaned with those of data previously recorded using the same hardware.