Leaps in Knowledge Using MOST-EEG

MOST-EEG technology allows for leaps in knowledge about brain function and how various stimuli, conditions, and neurological disease treatments affect the brain. MOST-EEG is a data mining approach to electroencephalographic (EEG) data analysis that provides a ‘big picture’ view of how the brain functions as a complete system with many parts. MOST-EEG facilitates the discovery of unexpected characteristics of brain function; discovery is not limited to predictions based on prior research.

*EEG Artifact Removal Service

We have officially launched our new beta-stage artifact removal service. Our service can save you the time you take cleaning your EEG data of artifact and do it cost effectively. Saving time will help with patient throughput and our cleaning service can be used as a data quality assessment process for multi-site labs. See our Artifact Removal Service Website

Serious Video Game & Pharmaceutical Development Consulting

Our technology shows us how people are using their brains while they play a game. It shows us how multiple parts of the brain cooperate as a coordinated system and how playing the game uses these systems. This information can be used to direct video game development. If the "game" is a specialized "cognitive task", we can help drug developers understand how their treatments affect brain function.

* Online Processing of EEG and Other Health Information Data

Our portal based system offers inexpensive processing of data. We provide data cleaning services and brain function modeling services to help researchers, investigators, and health practitioners understand the brain function that is contained in their data. Other services will be added to the portal as they are developed.

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